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Match code made easy.
Finally, you have the right product with the right package!
No more mislabeled product.
No more Bill Backs due to misreads.
Never mispack another product.
Avoid Expensive Production errors.
CodeWatch Basic:
Confirms right pre-printed container
Confirms correct label has been applied
Confirms barcode is readable
Keeps production counts
CodeWatch Basic combined with a barcode scanner makes difficult match code set up issues a thing of the past. Automatic web browser set up and reporting eliminates the need to install and misplace another piece of software. Control and watch production counts with CodeWatch Basic from your desk with the web browser built into your PC.

CodeWatch Basic has 3 configurable PLC outputs, an audio alarm, big LED signal lamps, Ethernet capability, and multiple barcode scanner choices as part of the standard hardware.
CodeWatch Standard Package:
The standard package includes everything you need for installation:
One CodeWatch Basic unit
One barcode scanner
One photo eye
Cable for the barcode scanner
Crossover Ethernet cable for initial configuration
Line cord
Manual on CD
Scanner mount
CodeWatch Features
No Software to Install
The set up and reporting tools all reside within the unit. To use the utilities, simply type the IP address of the unit into your web browser.
Multiple Unit Synchronization
For multiple verification points, more than one CodeWatch Basic can be installed. The units can be configured to pass the match code set up from one master to many slaves alleviating the need to configure multiple units for every barcode change.
Multiple Scanner Choices
The CodeWatch Basic works with many barcode scanner models. We can help you select the right scanner for your application.
Screw Terminal Connector
The relay outputs can be wired using the attached screw terminals. It includes one mechanical relay and two optical isolated outputs.
High Speed
Supports up to 3000 triggers/minute.
Internet Ready
Ethernet capability is built into every unit. You can make configuration changes over your network or view reports from your desktop PC with a web browser.
In the Field Firmware Upgrades
Using a small software utility, the CodeWatch Basic firmware can be upgraded in the field. New firmware enhancements and upgrades are free to registered users.
Paint Production Paint Production
CodeWatch Basic makes it possible to avoid production change over errors.
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Preprint & Corrugated Preprint & Corrugated
Ensure your preprinted boxes’ barcodes are readable and correct.
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Pharamceuticals Pharmaceuticals
CodeWatch Basic protects your customers from misprinted labels.
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