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Welcome to CodeWatch
Simple Solution.
CodeWatch Basic provides you with a simple solution to common barcode scanning problems.

Right Product. Right Container.
Having the wrong product in the right container can cost you money. Billbacks and returns result in lost business. CodeWatch guards against mislabled products and unreadable barcodes. Your time and dollars should not be spent reconfiguring a production line, updating software or maintaining the appropriate matchcode configuration. CodeWatch Basic is a feature rich matchcode system that can be set up and configured in as little as .5 hours. Complex configurations can be set up in 1 hour.

No Bugs. No What-ifs.
Eliminate the unknown with CodeWatch. Tested over thousands of production hours, CodeWatch Basic’s reliability record is difficult to duplicate with custom implementations. Prioritize and streamline your operations with the CodeWatch Basic.

CodeWatch Basic is matchcode made easy.
Don’t get trapped behind hours of unnecessary work. To duplicate the functionality of CodeWatch Basic you would have to pay a PLC programmer for 12-16 hours of coding time. The simple system gets the job done. You can even track production totals from your desk via web browser to make sure the line is running at top efficiency – or to make sure you meet your quota for the day.

Off-the-Shelf Solution.
Take CodeWatch Basic out of the box, plug it in, and it works. It’s that easy. We’ve even integrated PLC and Ethernet Interfaces so you can integrate it with other systems if you desire.
Using CodeWatch Basic for food industry
Proven implementation in the following industries:
Paint Production
Preprinted Boxes
CodeWatch Basic
Paint Production Paint Production
CodeWatch Basic makes it possible to avoid production change over errors.
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Preprint & Corrugated Preprint & Corrugated
Ensure your preprinted boxes’ barcodes are readable and correct.
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Pharamceuticals Pharmaceuticals
CodeWatch Basic protects your customers from misprinted labels.
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